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A Choose-Your-Own-Adventure Deck Builder!

Set low in a dark valley, a city stirs restlessly.

For an age, people have come here from far and wide to settle here, drawn by promises of wealth and stature.

At its center, within the castle, lies the king who has made this city grow prosperous. He has fallen ill and plumbs ancient secrets to remedy his blight.

In his absence, the nobles of the King's Council have waged war amongst themselves in a bid for power. Centuries old noble houses disappear overnight. Crime and violence run rampant as the city guard is recalled to protect those few nobles who remain. The streets are no longer safe, and the people cry out to be delivered from this curse.

The city stirs.

  • One player will take control of the Ringleader, who seeks to end the Council's rule and take control of the city.
  • The other player will take control of the Lieutenant, an agent of the King's Council commanded to hunt down and capture the Ringleader.

Players are given the city and 9 locations to interact with.

Each round, players will select on location to travel to for the turn.

If they choose the same place, an Encounter Phase occurs and the Lieutenant attempts to capture the Ringleader.

Otherwise, they go about the city to their locations.

At each location is a selection of Actions players can perform. Some are static actions and have one outcome, while some are dynamic actions and give texture to the world. Each has its benefits and downfalls.

Game uses placeholder art until I have commissioned an artist.

Install instructions

Download the card PDFs and cut them up.

Staple together the pages in each pdf to create the booklets.


Asterphase.rar 16 MB